I'm Erica Lazarus and I am a Professional Online Business Coach and mentor for moms who want to jump start their businesses.

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I help women like myself (namely moms) start their Online Business and work from home or wherever they choose. While at the same time being able to care for their children with ease.  

I want moms to finally be able to gain that feeling of utterly being there for their children as much as they see necessary while still being able to earn and build their net worth.  

During my journey to becoming a mompreneur, I struggled a lot. There were lots of ups and downs before I would finally be able to launch my business, after years of trying. I tried various options presented to me, all of which failed before I stumbled upon one that worked. Even then, it was still very difficult to get started and I failed a bit more. However, I knew this idea had to be it, so I endeavored. After combining the knowledge of my two mentors, I successfully launched my business as a Dating Coach before diving into business training. Presently operate I operate alone from the comfort of my home while caring for my 2-year-old.  

The next step in my business is to scale, which I plan on introducing in the coming year. However, the venture of starting and running my own business has been so rewarding that I thought other moms must need this too. Surely I can't be alone. So, at this point, the aim is to take moms to where I am at. To teach them the ropes of the online game so they too can launch successful businesses without competing with 18 year old singletons for the attention of brands.  

Your journey to becoming an Online Entrepreneur doesn't have to as difficult as it usually is for anyone starting out. I have been there and done that and I hope I am able to help you launch your business without the bumps. 

My services are most effective for women who are one or more of the following:  

  • Moms who want to start an online business but do not know where and how to start. 
  • Moms who have started but things aren't going as planned. They are feeling "stuck" and don't know why.  
  • Moms who want to learn how to manage family life and busiess in order to get the best out of both. 
  • Moms who are tired of the corporate world and know that life has more to offer. 


The Momboss Business Insider

This program is designed specifically for moms. It aims at equipping moms with the tools they need to succeed in launching and running their own Online Business.  

We'll unpack everything in your personal and business life from goals and dreams to sleep schedules and daily routines. 

In this program we will uncover potential business ideas suitable for you and will you will be taught everthing from finding a profitable niche to funnels, landing pages, marketing and so much more.  

For 12 or 24 weeks, you will be taught effective time management skills, essential for a successful family and business life.



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